A virtual visit to Udine, Italy
with Gigi Martino Cepeda

Meet our guide - Gigi Martino Cepeda

Gigi Martino Cepeda is a content creator & fashion stylist originally from Argentina, who now lives in Udine, Italy.

When I was a young girl, I wanted to work in fashion… now I want to change it! I started my Instagram @gigimartinoc, to change my connection to fashion. I slowed down and became more aware of the mess fashion has caused on our planet. 

As a fashion stylist, I use aesthetics to communicate that sustainable doesn’t mean less style!

Udine in 3 words

Quiet, traditional, historical.

What's your favourite place in Udine?

Castello di Udine is my favourite place because of the view. I love to sit and watch the sunsets there, reminds me of my best times in Udine with my boyfriend. It’s a pretty romantic place!

A hidden gem in Udine

I think Palazzo d’Aronco is an architectural gem, the ceilings are a true work of art.

If you want to get to know the city better visit...

 Castel’s Museum, you have the history of Friuli there. Friuli is the region.

Where in Udine can you enjoy nature?

Castello di Udine has beautiful gardens, and Giardino Ricasoli (the Ricasoli Garden) is a great spot too.

If the exploring has come to an end, now it’s time for relaxation! Take the bus down to Grado for only 6€! It only takes one hour from Udine to enjoy the sandy beaches and the waves of this Italian lagoon island!

What food is a must-try in Udine?

Every kind of pasta with a glass of vino Friulano!