A virtual visit to Groningen, Netherlands
with Guillaume Maat

Meet our guide - Guillaume Maat

Guillaume Maat is a content creator from Groningen, who started his Instagram profile @guillaumemaat 3 years ago as a creative avenue along his work and lay studies.

Almost daily I walk with my Fuji camera through the city to enjoy all the beauty around me. On my profile, I alternate posts about fashion, interior design and architecture to inspire others. For me, nothing beats products with a minimalistic design and an eye for detail. High quality and sustainability are always the basis. That’s also why I really like my Kin Tote Luxe so much!

Groningen in 3 words

Bicycles, students and canals.

What's your favourite place in Groningen?

Hoge der A and Lage der A are my favourite streets in Groningen. Along both sides of the canal are old stately buildings interspersed with old warehouses – a place with history where you can take beautiful pictures during golden hour.

Do you have a favourite building in the city?

Recently a multi-functional building has been opened in Groningen called Forum Groningen. The meeting place for locals and tourists where you can look over the province for miles when the weather is nice. Soon you will also be able to watch quality films in the open air on the roof of this 45 meter high building.

Where in Groningen can you enjoy nature?

Groningen has several parks of which the Noorderplantsoen is my favourite. Within walking distance of the centre, this is the place where friends and families come together for walks, picnics or BBQ on summer days. The old trees make it a place with character.

A hidden gem

Leave the city for a day and visit one of the islands just above the province! Tip: some of these unique islands can be reached on foot at low tide! Schiermonnikoog is the nearest island to the city.

A trip from Amsterdam to Groningen with the train takes 2 hours, and can cost around 27€.

What food is a must-try in Groningen?

One of my favourite lunch spots in town is Blanche Bakery. When you walk into the bakery, the delicious smell of fresh bread comes towards you. In the back of the bakery is a beautiful lunch cafe where a lot of attention has been paid to the interior.

If you want to get to know the city better visit...

The Martini Tower (the largest church in the city) is the place to get to know Groningen better. Climb the tower and see all the narrow streets of the city from the air. It soon becomes visible that an old canal surrounds the whole centre.

What should the visitors know about Groningen?

Groningen is a unique city because of its vibrant nightlife. Until early in the morning you can party with locals in different clubs and cafes. Since Amsterdam has lost its charm in recent years due to mass tourism, Groningen (small Amsterdam) is an even better alternative