Thomas Bentzen

Thomas Bentzen has designed our collection of KIN bags and accessories. Throughout the design process we have worked together on two tracks; materials and functionality to create our range of sustainable travel bags.


The Copenhagen-native Thomas Bentzen was born in 1969 and pursued his education in furniture and interior design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design.

One year before his graduation in 2003, Thomas Bentzen, together with 4 of his fellow students, established the design collective REMOVE, in a desire to create pieces that are both artistic and industrial. In 2007, the group was named the “best upcoming designer” by Boligmagasinet.

Throughout his career, Thomas Bentzen worked with a wide range of materials to create steel tables, wooden chairs, textile cushions, porcelain mugs, and much more.

In 2010 he established his studio Thomas Bentzen Industrial Design, where he continues to explore the form and function of materials, and to design durable and lasting products.

KIN by Thomas Bentzen

The KIN Bags and Accessories brings a clean and timeless perspective to traditional travel goods with simple lines and essential travel features. The products have been developed with a strong focus on functionality and materials.

The bags (KIN Weekend, KIN Tote Luxe, and KIN Wash Bag) come in four distinct colours; Orion Blue, Dusty Olive, Beige, and Black with matching leather details. All bags use hemp canvas as the main fabric making them both highly durable and much more environmentally friendly than similar bags. Inside the bags you will find interior pockets for organizing your belongings, and a key hanger for your keys. Finally, the weekend and the tote bag have a strap, so you can easily attach them to your suitcase.

The accessories (KIN Laundry Bag, KIN Shoe Bag, and KIN Packing Cubes) come in two colours; Black and Beige and are made for organising your belongings inside your suitcase and bags. The accessories are made from linen making them a sustainable alternative to e.g. nylon.