PROJECTKIN takes product testing very seriously. Product longevity is a cornerstone in our sustainability strategy. Bringing new outstanding sustainable materials to the travel goods market, requires us to meet or excel on product quality and product strength. That’s why all our products are tested to meet the demands of the modern traveler.


How we tested our carry-on

Our KIN Carry-on has passed the toughest industry standards at an accredited 3rd party international testing institute. You can read more about the most relevant tests that it has endured below.

Trolley jerk test

1000 cycles
12.3 kg load

Stress test trolley system – a key differentiators between a durable trolley and a less durable one.

Handle jerk test

5000 cycles
12.3 kg load

Stress test the strength and durability of the top and side handles, when they are lifted.

Drop test

From 20 to 60 cm
12.3 kg load

Drop the trolley from different heights to ensure durability and quality of wheels and shell.

Rolling test

30 km (2 / 4 wheels)
12.3 kg load

Stress test the durability of the wheels and the overall strength of the trolley. 

Stair test

200 stairs
12.3 kg load

Stress test wheels and overall durability, when luggage is dragged over curbs and pavement.

Throwing test

60-100 cm
12.3 kg

Simulate the stress a trolley might endure during transportation.

Punching test

80 cm drop
5 kg ball

Test how the shell reacts to getting hit by a heavy object.

Lock opening test

Open / close
10.000 times

Open and close the lock to test the quality and durability of the TSA lock.

Lock security

Closed lock

Test quality of the lock by trying to break it open with a flat screw driver.

Hinge test

Open / close
10.000 cycles

Open and close the suitcase to test the durability of the hinge.

Rain test

15 minutes
Directly on trolley

Simulate heavy rain and test water repellency of suitcase.