Our story

PROJECTKIN was founded by a group of people who saw an urgent need for rethinking the standards for products and the way people travel. It is a project about creating better conduct by inspiring people to conduct themselves in a manner that is sustainable. It is about moving away from consumption for the sake of consumption and creating things of true quality.


A project is a venture towards a common cause

– It requires the combined efforts of  the many rather than one.


KIN is a tribe of people united by that cause

– A cause to promote mindful travelling in everything we do.


To permanently change the standards for products and the way people travel for the good of the planet

Travel Mindfully – our cause

Our cause is mindful travelling. For our KIN, it means taking an active choice to be sustainable in daily life. Choosing brands that do good, sharing sustainable practices with the community, and living mindfully when at home or abroad. Join our movement #TravelMindfully


Sustainability is an integral part of our DNA, and we constantly try to push the boundaries for how far we can go. We focus on materials that are natural, biodegradable, and/or recycled, and ensure that our manufacturing is carried out with minimal environmental impact.

Nordic Design

The Nordic design tradition is about simplicity and functionality. Design must be rooted in a purpose – our products all serve the same purpose: to reduce the impact on the environment. For this reason, we believe sustainability is an extension to the Nordic design tradition.


Bringing new innovative materials to the travel goods industry, requires excelling on product quality. All our products have gone through extensive testing at 3rd party testing facilities to ensure that they live up to the Nordic standards of durability and usability. 

Nordic design products for the mindful traveller

Rethinking the way that traditional travel products are made, we have created a range of sustainable travel products in a Nordic design. The products have been crafted in carefully selected materials to minimize the impact on the environment.

KIN Weekend

USD 239.00

KIN Wash Bag

USD 79.00


USD 399.00