Nordic Design

We are inspired by Nordic design – the clean lines we see on a daily basis. We create sustainable travel luggage, bags, and accessories that follow the Nordic design principles our brand stands for – functional, minimal design of the highest quality.


Our designers

The designers we collaborate with work within the Nordic design philosophy of minimalism and functionality. They share our beliefs when it comes to sustainability and have designed our range of travel goods.

Boris Berlin

Thomas Bentzen

We make the material our hero

We use materials from nature. That means they look natural, feel natural and are natural. A product from PROJECTKIN is recognized by its raw and natural look and feel, and is instantly recognizable.

We believe design must be sustainable

The Nordic design tradition is about functionality and serving a purpose. Our luggage and travel accessories all serve the same purpose: to reduce the impact we have on the environment through sustainable design. For this reason, we believe sustainability is a natural extension of the Nordic design tradition.

KIN Carry-on

KIN Weekend