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Our range of sustainable travel products made from natural materials and designed by award-winning Nordic designers. Find your next carry-on luggage, designer weekend bag, tote bag and/or travel accessories. 

Our sustainable luggage is made from a unique blend of flax fibers and bio-plastics never before used in luggage — both biodegradable and bio-based. They are tested to meet the high demands of the modern traveller. 

  • KIN Weekend

    USD 239.00

  • KIN Tote Luxe

    USD 179.00

Our designer weekend bag and tote bag are made from hemp from the family of Bast Fibre plants. Boasting excellent properties and being 4x more durable than cotton. Have you stopped to think what your bag is made of?

  • KIN Laundry Bag

    USD 25.00

  • KIN Shoe Bag

    USD 29.00

  • KIN Packing Cubes

    USD 49.00

  • KIN Wash Bag

    USD 79.00

Our soft line of sustainable travel accessories is designed to match your everyday needs when traveling. Using linen instead of cotton, it is stronger and naturally moth resistant. Discover more on our sustainability page.