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How to be more sustainable in the craze of Black Friday

A guide to making mindful shopping decisions during the most tempting day of shopping

Black Friday is just around the corner and retailers are cutting down their prices dramatically. What a better time than now to finally buy that designer bag you always longed for, or maybe that new set of cutlery would do you good. But do you actually need it?

Now it’s the best time to truly reflect on what we buy, on what we really need in our lives, and on what we value most. Since our philosophy is grounded in sustainability and mindful shopping, we wanted to share some tips on how you can make more sustainable decisions when shopping during Black Friday.

1. Make a Black Friday shopping list

 It is very hard to second guess whether or not you really need something new when the prices are so attractive, but don’t get pulled into that rabbit hole. Take a step back and reflect on what you really value. Are you tempted to purchase just for the sake of the Black Friday craze? Try making a list of things you lack and need. This would help you have an overview of your expenses and to prioritize your purchases. We know Black Friday can be hypnotising, but as long as you choose to buy products that you need and avoid impulse purchases, you will definitely help in making Black Friday greener. 

2. Find sustainable alternatives

Now that your needs were established, what about looking into sustainable alternatives for your desired product? Google is your best friend here. There is always a better, more environmentally friendly option of consumer goods on the market. Moreover, there are also a lot of companies that make sustainable efforts against the craze of Black Friday through extended sale periods, donations, and other social contributions. This way, if you are planning to purchase something, look into ways you can do it more consciously. Maybe a company you are interested in is doing Black Friday right. 

3. Support local businesses

Black Friday or not, now would be the best time to turn down global retailers and support your local businesses that were affected by the current pandemic. Unfortunately, many people lost their jobs or businesses due to COVID-19, so by buying products from your local farmers market or local brands, you could prevent businesses from closing. What’s a better way to be socially responsible than to support your local economy?

4. Choose quality over quantity

Another option to go greener this Black Friday would be to focus on quality over quantity. Quality materials and timeless design make products last longer, preventing you from repurchasing them any time soon. At PROJECTKIN, we choose to work with world-class designers who share our values when it comes to design, durability, and sustainability. Together, we create classic designs that never go out of fashion, and we are dedicated to using materials that are natural and sustainable. See our sustainable collection here.

Black Friday will be around for many years to come, but with willingness and effort, we can promote a greener Friday. If there is a high interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly products, companies will undoubtedly follow suit and shift towards more conscious decisions!

We hope our advice and tips will help you shop mindfully.

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