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10 Sustainable Gifts
for this Holiday Season

Spread holiday cheer to your loved ones with sustainable gifts!

We have curated the most sustainable gift options for this holiday season so you won’t have to go through the tedious process of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.

1. Instax mini polaroid camera

Encourage your loved one to immortalize special moments on trips or their day-to-day life with an Instax mini polaroid camera. There is something special about printing the best memories in a world where most of the pictures are digital!

2. Gifting an experience

Gifting an experience is always a good idea! Buying a voucher for a short trip, a dining experience, a spa day, or even a movie would be another great alternative to physical gifts.

3. Audible subscription

For the Holiday season Audible offers up to one-year subscription gifts, so your loved ones can listen to their favourite books wherever they are. Audiobooks are also a sustainable alternative to physical books and they only take up your device’s storage, not shelve space!

4. Beautiful storage boxes

August Sandgren is upcycling the fashion industry’s excess leather into beautiful jewellery boxes, notebooks, and other small accessories that are perfect for gifting. 

5. KIN Packing cubes

It’s time to make your loved ones packing experience much easier. PROJECTKIN’s packing cubes are the perfect sustainable carry-on luggage organizers.

6. Plastic positive offset

For only 44$, Plastic Bank is offering a sustainable gift solution. The contribution will support the plastic collectors in gathering the average plastic a person consumes a year. This way, your loved one will become plastic positive.

7. Yrolí skincare

Yrolí is a Danish skincare brand that provides high quality, organic products that are Ecocert Cosmos approved. The aluminium packaging is recyclable and is contributing to the reduction of the brand’s CO2 emissions.

8. Antique gift

This season take a trip to your local antique or second-hand shop. You will surely find hidden gems that are unique and worth gifting! This way, you are helping to prolong a product’s life cycle and making a loved one happy at the same time!

9. Insulated bottles

Insulated bottles and mugs are a perfect all-year-round product that helps you in replacing single-use plastic. Kleen Kanteen has a big selection of products that fit every personality and lifestyle.

10. Mindful stationery

Add a thoughtful card to your holiday present! The Brown Paper Movement makes mindful stationery and calendars for your loved ones who like to keep organized the old fashioned way.

What other sustainable gifts would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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